The Veteran Hunters Canada Ltd is an Alberta based non-profit organization operated by volunteers who are retired Canadian Armed Forces Veterans and 1st Responders, who themselves have gone through their own PTSD journeys.   Their goal is to serve their fellow Veterans & 1st Responders with PTSD, by providing peer support and therapy gained through outdoor adventures. 

Participants in our programs acknowledge that being in the outdoors is extremely therapeutic, especially when surrounded by fellow Soldiers, LEOs and Firefighters. Being in nature requires you to be in the moment and mindful of your surroundings. Our peer-led programs give Veterans and 1st Responders the opportunity for self discovery and a reaffirmation and validation of who they are.  These heroes leave the program with a sense of purpose, grounding and self worth.

We are the only organization of our kind in Canada, not only for the means of therapy we use, but also for the fact that all of our participants are led by either a Veteran or a 1st Responder who has experienced similar trauma.

We provide opportunities currently in British Columbia; Alberta; Manitoba; Nova Scotia and Newfoundland .

To date we have helped over 200 Veterans and 1st Responders.  Veterans and 1st Responders who could not find another organization that brought as much peace to them as ours.


Our mission is to help Veterans & 1st Responders with PTSD by providing them with an opportunity for a hunt.


                        We have facilitated activities for over 200 Veterans & 1st Responders.



Making A Difference As a PTSD/OSI  Maintenance Program



If you are interested in volunteering with The Veteran Hunters you need to meet the following criteria:

1.  Agree to our Code of Ethics & Standards;

2.  If you are:

  • Currently serving with the Canadian Armed Forces or a Veteran provide proof of service via an NDI 20; or NDI 75; or CF One Card;

  • Currently serving as a 1st Responder provide valid identification; and

3.  Undergo a Criminal Record Check.​



We are an Incorporated Non-Profit Company with a Charitable Organization License in Alberta. 

We provide the following programs & services:

1) Hunting for Heroes Program;

  • 2 Day peer led outdoor adventures tailored to your specific needs

2) General Services & Activities;

  • Assistance in applying for Veterans benefits

  • Annual Archery Competition

  • Parking Lot Coffees

  • Access to other Mental Health Organizations & Services

3) Chaplain Services​;

4) Holiday for Heroes Program (coming soon)

  • Bed & Breakfast opportunities for participants to reconnect with family in a Mountain setting.



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