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About Us

Our mission is to provide Veterans & First Responders with therapeutic hunting, fishing & outdoor adventures designed to expand mindfulness and peer-to-peer healing.

Meet The Management Team


Todd Hisey

Founder & CEO

Served in the Canadian Army from 2001-2013.  Graduate of the Royal Military College. Posted to 1 PPCLI, CFINTCOM, 3 Can Div HQ and 41 CBG.  Deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo and Russia.


“During my 22 years with the Canadian Army as an Officer, the phrase Know your Men and Promote their Welfare stuck with me. In 2018, and after nearly six years of PTSD treatment, it was determined that I could no longer work in a traditional role; but I still felt compelled to give back to the community and help my fellow soldiers.  In January 2019, The Veteran Hunters launched with a website, podcast, and social media presence and immediately connected with



AB Manager

Served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 2002-2020, as Artillery, and as an Engineer. Served two tours: in Haiti (2010) and Romania (2014).


I am an outdoors enthusiast with a primary focus on bowhunting and trapping. I have a passion for calling elk.

Success looks very different for everyone. I define mine by creating experiences in the woods, and helping others achieve their goals.



NS Manager

Joined the Canadian Forces in 1998 and was employed as a Vehicle Tech and then later as a Sonar Operator with the Royal Canadian Navy.  
Ron is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting bear, deer, waterfowl and small game. Ron particularly loves hunting snowshoe hare with his beagles. Ron is also a Canadian Kennel Club field trial judge for beagles.
In the off-season Ron takes advantage of the numerous lakes and rivers in Nova Scotia to fish both trout and striped bass. Ron is willing to take any serving or retired Veteran either hunting or fishing.



NB Manager


BC Manager

Served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1996 until 2020 as a NESOP and Ships Diver based out of Esquimalt BC. Deployed on multiple Ops: Op Apollo, Op Augmentation: Op Athena: and Op Caribbe.

"I enjoy the wilderness and helping others do the same. I’m excited to be able to host Veteran Hunters this fall and share my passion for hunting on Vancouver Island BC".



MB Manager

Served in the Canadian Army from 1997 - 2018 with 1 RCHA.


Hunting to me is a means to connect with creation as well as teach our children the responsibilities with management of our resources. 

Bowhunting is life!



QC  Manager

Served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 2002-2018 as a Military Police member.  Deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 and 2011.

As young as I can remember my dad took me hunting and fishing which quickly became a passion.
I take every opportunity to be in the outdoors. I yearly hunt moose, deer, elk, bear, turkey and small game. I also fish in the off season mostly for brook trout. I am thrilled to be able to host Veteran Hunters in Quebec and share my passion for hunting while creating new memories.

Ryan Edwards - NL_edited.webp


NL Manager

Served in the Canadian Army from 1997-2009 with 2nd Bn Royal Canadian Regiment as an Infantryman.  Deployed to Bosnia in 1999. 
While serving in Gagetown NB, Ryan fell in love with water-fowling, and big game hunting for Deer, Moose and Bear. He has found hunting to be extremely therapeutic for dealing with his PTSD.
Since retiring in 2009 and returning to Newfoundland, Ryan has continued to hone his skills related to Big Game hunting primarily for Moose.
For the 2020 season Ryan was successful in filling his first Woodland Caribou tag.

I Joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 as an Armoured Crewman and then a Vehicle Technician in 1997 until 2017. I had a variety of postings and 3 deployments to Bosnia (Rotos 9, 10 & 11).
As an outdoor enthusiast, I believe it is very as important to pass the skills and knowledge of hunting onto others. A successful hunt means more than just harvesting an animal, the success is enjoying being able to enjoy entire experience

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