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Game Down!... Now What do I Do?

There are some big bones and a bunch of guts inside a critter the size of a Bull Elk. But as with hunting any big game, field-dressing is an essential first step in cooling the animal and keeping the meat in good shape.

In this video Master Elk Hunter Tim Z, shows my 15-year-old son how to traditionally field dress his first Bull Elk. The Elk was an archery kill with the arrow penetrating the liver and one lung. Tim provides several tips throughout, so be sure to watch the whole video as we also talk about processing the animal at the end.

Equipment mentioned in video:

A. Rope or Ratchet Straps;

B. Paracord;

C. Battery Powered Sawzall with Metal cutting Blade;

D. 2 x Knives;

E. Disposable Gloves;

F. Melmac Cup to scoop out blood; and

G. Wet wipes or Paper Towel; and

H. Gallon Jug of Water.

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